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Pioneer of New Telecommunication Age.

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PN Telecom Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2002 with the goal of becoming a Pioneer of New Telecommunication age.

Information and communication technology is developing rapidly and development of mobile communication field is developing differently from day to day. The smart age providing new services in a new format integrating the telecommunication, information, broadcasting and home appliances is just started. The mobile telecommunication devices will take a major role in the smart age.

PN Telecom Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures new application devices and interface solutions for mobile communication devices in accordance with these developments, and is concentrating on securing the necessary experts and improving R&D capabilities. Also, we continually promotes its cooperation with leading companies in each field and with universities.

In addition, we focus on customer satisfaction and excellent human resources development, and development of all products is aimed at customer satisfaction. Through human resource’s continual self-development and transparent management, (Co) PN Telecom creates the workplace atmosphere enabling all employees to grow up together.

Based on the pioneer spirit, all employees in PN Telecom CO., Ltd. Will take full efforts to be the leader in the rapidly changing IT industry.

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PN Telecom Co.,Ltd. about company

What we are


- Become a member company of LG Electronics Partner
- Registered as a Partner company of LG H & H
- Selected as Excellent Enterprise in Anyang City in 2017


- Supplied LG High-Speed Charger (QC 3.0 & MTK, 3A)
- G5 Friends ACC. Cam Plus Supplies


- LG Electronics Core Safety Parts Quality Control Best Cooperation enterprise Selection


- Developed and supplied wireless charger for LG NEXUS
- Registered as a partner company of LG Electronics Yantai Corporation


- Registered as a supplier of wireless charger for LG Electronics


- Supplied LG smartphone cradle
- Registration of enterprise research institute


- Registered as a supplier of SKT mobile accessories
- Participated in CeBIT exhibition in Germany


- Registered as a supplier of accessories for LG Electronics MC division
- Venture company certification / ISO 14000:2001 Certification
- INNO-BIZ Company Certification


- ISO 9001:2000 certification
- Supplied data communication cable for LGT mobile phone


- Company founded
- KTFT Data communication peripheral register

Since our establishment, PN Telecom Co., Ltd. has been certified as a venture company in 2005 based on continuous R&D and technological innovation. It has been confirmed as a technological innovation-type SME (INNO-BIZ) by the head of SME.

In 2009, our institute was officially recognized as a research institute attached to the company by the Technology Promotion Act. As a result of R&D achievements of this institute, we have many patents and utility models related to information and communication application technology.

PN Telecom Co., Ltd. is a company that designs, develops and manufactures communication devices (mobile communication appliances, power supplies, etc.) and obtains ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

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ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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Corporate building Research center

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Venture Company

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PN telecom’s Outline of Patent Technology

(Patent number: 0541251, Patent number in US: US7,502,949 B2)
  • The mobile phone charger controls the charging current according to the battery capacity of the mobile phone, and the USB cable type charger is used in combination with TA for rapid charging of the large capacity battery. It is combined with USB port of PC for data communication and charging.
  • It can supply the maximum current (900mA) required by the charger when used in combination with TA, but when used in combination with a PC's USB port, the maximum current that can be supplied from the USB port of the PC is only limited to 500mA, A shortage of the supply current occurs.
  • In this case, it is hard on the USB port of the PC and malfunctions such as interruption of data communication and shutdown occur. In particular, while the data of the PC is received by the mobile phone, the function of the mobile phone is interrupted due to abnormal recording.
  • This technology is an integral part of the USB charging device by always monitoring the target to be connected and automatically sensing it to control the charge current.
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